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Laser metal cutting

Sheet metal cutting with material thickness up to 14 mm and sizes up to 1500x3000 mm.
Metal bending with material thickness up to 3 mm and length up to 2500 mm.
Metal rolling with material thickness up to 2 mm and length up to 2000 mm.
Powder metal painting of parts up to 2800 mm long.
Serial assembly of products with mounting includes ATM's, terminals, vending machines, etc.
Estimated time of completion is from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Laser metal cutting..

Teplomash is equipped with two industrial laser cutting systems VNITEP NAVIGATOR which provide high cutting stability with full automation.
NAVIGATOR with fiber laser, linear synchronous engines and computer control, does cutting, engraving, marking of metals with the use of special software. High accuracy helps minimize the costs of the following machine work.



Powder metal painting price by RAL catalogue is 100 roubles for 1 m2.
RAL colors always available (shagreen): 7035 light grey, 2004 orange, 9005 black, 5010 blue, and also «hammered grey».
For big orders products can be painted in all RAL colors.


For high efficiency of order processing you need:

  • .DXF files with parts outlines or other files, for example AutoCad (earlier versions are appreciated, up to 2008)
  •  Every part in a different file.
  • Single-layered drawings, 1:1 scale, without auxiliary lines or sizes.
  • In the covering letter tell us the material and its thickness.
  • Hand-drawn sketches with sizes, material thickness and tolerances we convert into .DXF (paid extra, price depends on the difficulty of the drawing).


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